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Assessment is the process of identifying, gathering and interpreting information about student's learning. The central purpose of assessment is to provide information on student achievement and progress and set the direction for areas of improvement.

Assessment provides information for students and parents about learning process to compare what is known and can be demonstrated against standards.

Assessment is essential not only to guide the development of individual student but also to monitor and continuously improve the quality of knowledge gathering, inform prospective students and their parents, and provide evidence of growth path.

Our questions are specified for a particular topic. So when students attempt a mixed question set, we specifically point out which are topics where students need to improve. We also keep record of student’s past performance.This helps as a guide to students and parents to see their performance in an academic year. Also if the student is attempting year after year through our website, we will provide him year by year his performance report.

Our website will also provide a student’s performance among his / her school, District / city, State and Country (based on the information provided during registration) in percentile term.